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23 November 2024 @ 01:02 pm
greetings & permissions

who: Lydia Deetz
what: doleful goth teenager from the Tim Burton-directed supernatural romp, Beetlejuice
when: now?
where: here??
why: BECAUSE??

musebox: [community profile] herbgarden
canons & AUs: canonical 14 year old original recipe
can be aged up (16-18?)
can be modernized (in fact I myself might prefer this or operate under this assumption more often than not)
I really want to AU her being an amateur paranormal investigator!
also always open to shameless AUs (superpowers, Hogwarts or gen coven/witchcraft, vampire/other supernatural creature feature)
games: homeless

contact: [personal profile] badkarma, PM, jailbirds on plurk
timezone: US Eastern Standard
4th wall: you're more than welcome to make vague/general Burton-related pot-shots
backtagging: ok
threadjacking: sure just give a quick glance at thread subject titles -- I'll put 'closed to' in threads that are not jack-able!
smut: NOPE
offensive subjects: /SHRUG I'm pretty hard to upset so I'll most likely roll with anything (I have no real triggers so don't worry about that too much!)

hugging: cool!
kiss: probably okay but lets alsooo keep it PG if rolling with OG Lydia (14)
flirt: AGAIN 14 y/o but aged up is probably fine since she's just going to think it's gross no matter how old she is
fight: HAH...I MEAN...she's a reclusive teenager so she has like negative amounts of strength BUT I see no problem if it's part of our plot for whatever reason
injure: yeah that's fine
ʟʏᴅɪᴀ ᴅᴇᴇᴛᴢ
22 November 2023 @ 07:50 pm
character relations

PETER MAXIMOFF | [personal profile] rushd
Alias: Quicksilver
Shithead pseudo-brother figure. Platonic wonder twins. In mutant AU, he does a lot to help Lydia reconcile her anxieties about her powers.

Rock n roll tea parties. Going to ska shows. Breaking into abandoned amusement parks. Afternoons at the arcade. Watching B-list horror films. Texting a lot. Sharing beds.
thread (cw: horror)
HANNIBAL LECTER | [personal profile] itrhymes
Curious cultured European dad-mentor figure. Strange strokes of fate bring them together for sometimes shattering experiences that challenge Lydia's moral compass and the comfort of her world lens.

Being snobs. Fancy teas. Unraveling metaphors. Questioning God. Neutral parties. Tempting ill human nature. Harpsichords. Sharing art.
thread (cw: animal death)

TATE LANGDON | [personal profile] freudianexcuse
Sick twisted dead loser friend. AU living (ha!) together in the gruesome Los Angeles historical 'Murder House' because only Lydia Deetz could find herself welcome in a severely haunted house...

Watching shitty 90s movies. Reading poetry (and arguing about 18th century literature talents.) Doing spooks. Being super emo. Talks about death. Loitering. Slumber parties. Judging adults.
thread (cw: sh & death talks)
. . .
WILL GRAHAM | [personal profile] wontgraham
Soft dog dad. Worries about Lydia, she worries a little about him. Just a pair of lonely awkward human beings trying to make it in the world.

Brutally honest conversations. Brutally kind conversations. Dealing with social anxiety. Being awkward. Coffee mugs full of tea. Making Lydia less extra. Making Will less extra as well.