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Info & Permissions

greetings & permissions

who: Lydia Deetz
what: doleful goth teenager from the Tim Burton-directed supernatural romp, Beetlejuice
when: now?
where: here??
why: BECAUSE??

musebox: [community profile] herbgarden
canons & AUs: canonical 14 year old original recipe
can be aged up (16-18?)
can be modernized (in fact I myself might prefer this or operate under this assumption more often than not)
I really want to AU her being an amateur paranormal investigator!
also always open to shameless AUs (superpowers, Hogwarts or gen coven/witchcraft, vampire/other supernatural creature feature)
games: homeless

contact: [personal profile] badkarma, PM, jailbirds on plurk
timezone: US Eastern Standard
4th wall: you're more than welcome to make vague/general Burton-related pot-shots
backtagging: ok
threadjacking: sure just give a quick glance at thread subject titles -- I'll put 'closed to' in threads that are not jack-able!
smut: NOPE
offensive subjects: /SHRUG I'm pretty hard to upset so I'll most likely roll with anything (I have no real triggers so don't worry about that too much!)

hugging: cool!
kiss: probably okay but lets alsooo keep it PG if rolling with OG Lydia (14)
flirt: AGAIN 14 y/o but aged up is probably fine since she's just going to think it's gross no matter how old she is
fight: HAH...I MEAN...she's a reclusive teenager so she has like negative amounts of strength BUT I see no problem if it's part of our plot for whatever reason
injure: yeah that's fine